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    Are you looking for custom made T-shirts and accessories for kids and youth? Shop at The Custom Kids today and see what we have in store for you. The Custom Kids specializes in and offers a wide range of quality,  personalized children’s T-shirts and accessories using our own exclusive graphics templates.

The Custom Kids Mission

     Serving the needs of our customers around the world, The Custom Kids is a customer centric company that focuses on providing a higher level of service and support to every customer, with every purchase. As one of the leading online retailers of personalized children’s clothing and apparel, we have made it our mission to provide awesome personalized T-shirts and accessories for kids & youth that are fun unique and quality made.

Why Choose The Custom Kids?

     The Custom Kids is a friendly, fair and creative work environment and we respect diversity and new ideas. By creating such an environment for our staff, they are better equipped to care for our customers and produce  awesome custom gear.

     Our custom printed t-shirts for kids and youth are easy to create and affordable. Just choose a image template you like, type in a name and birth year and our graphics generator will create a personalized t-shirt just for you. It really is that easy! We have many original and unique designs made just for kids.   

 Before, during and after every sale, The Custom Kids team will be there to guide you and answer any questions you have about our products or your order. Shop with us today and let us make you Custom Kids customer for life.

Contact The Custom Kids

     To learn more about The Custom Kids or for any questions you might have about our products or ordering, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.



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